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“My boys have loved Kindermusik and  I have been coming for 6 years. I chose Kindermusik as I wanted to do something with my children from an early age that would grow with them. The music experience adapts with your child as they progress through the programme. We love the variety of play that we get each week and we love the themes of the programmes as most will take us on a journey.

Ali makes the 40 minutes we have truly enjoyable. Even with structure to the lesson, Ali allows the children still to have an element of freedom  and to explore in their own way. Ali is a superstar and makes all feel welcome in her classes and encourages everyone to get involved in a non pushy way.”
Toby and Georges Mum
“I have been attending Kindermusik with my 3 children since they were about 6 weeks old and they all love it. I think the CDs and instruments that come in the home packs are brilliant. We always have Kindermusik CDs on in the car which we all sing along to. I like the fact there is singing, dancing and interaction with your child.  There is variation in what Ali does in the classes each week. There is repetition so the children learn, but its not the same every week so parents and children don’t get bored, which I think is important.
I think Ali’s endless enthusiasm and enjoyment of what she does are a key quality in making her classes so enjoyable. She also has an excellent rapport with the children. My boys and I thoroughly enjoy Ali’s classes and I think they have been an invaluable part of their development.”
Fergus, Charlie and Jamie’s Mum
“We started Kindermusik nearly 6 years ago and my 3 children just loved it. Ali is reliable, conscientious and hard-working, and her classes are always well structured, fun and full of different activities. Ali makes everyone feel welcome and my toddler regularly sings the songs from the class.”
Ella, Arabelle and Lucy’s Mum
“I have know Ali for 3 1/2 years since my daughter started Kindermusik at 5 months old.
I was looking for a class that was fun and engaging for both the parents and children as well as educational.
Ali’s knowledge of child development and her empathy with young children has always meant her classes are pitched at just the right level for the ages of the children in her class. She plans  and structures her classes carefully, always  ensuring the children get to repeat and reflect on new learning in a variety of ways. Both my children love seeing Ali and are always excited and enthusiastic to take part in the activities she has planned.
Several staff members at my childrens’nursery have commented on the musical ability of my children. I would not hesitate to recommend Ali’s Kindermusik classes to anyone with young children and would be confident in Ali’s professionalism and dedication in any role involving the care and education of children of any age.”
Isla and Jacob’s Mum

“I have been taking my little girl to Kindermusik since she was eighteen months old and she has loved it from the beginning. Ali is so friendly and welcoming that we both fitted into the group with ease. A couple of months on my daughter has grown in confidence, learnt plenty of new skills and always thoroughly enjoys herself.

We have only recently moved to the area and I”m thrilled we found this group. As a teacher myself I recognise the skill and dedication that each lesson is planned and delivered with and as a participant it is simply good fun! I would absolutely recommend it to all parents.”
Bella’s Mum (Our Time)


Toddler at Kindermusik with Ali, music class for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Haslemere, Surrey“We have been part of the Kindermusik experience for almost 4 years now. I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the classes with you during that time. My oldest is still talking about the classes, singing the songs and dancing to them after so many years.

What attracted me in the first place is that Kindermusik is the only parent and child music method which provides a structured educational introduction to music to children from a very young age supported by excellent home packs for the parents. The kids love the variety in music (from classical to folk songs and nursery rhymes), and the CDs are played most days.

But most of all, we have all enjoyed the classes with you. You have a wonderful way to make every child feel at ease and special. Your teaching style means that the children very quickly join in and acquire a keen ear for any type of music and sense of rhythm. Thank you very much for the lovely experiences I have had with my kids at your classes. And yes, we will continue our journey because the baby of the family will join “Kindermusik with Ali” shortly too.”
Arwen and Jennifer’s Mum (Our Time/Imagine That)

Toddler at Kindermusik with Ali, music class for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Haslemere, Surrey“Just wanted to say a huge thank you and I cannot say how much we have enjoyed our Kindermusik sessions. I think they are so much better than a lot of what is out there and so personal, and I loved the music and activities. I am really sad it has come to an end for us at the moment. The kids were so good, and Ali is brilliant with them. Never seen 3 year olds so focussed.”
Mary Jane’s Mum (Imagine That)

“For both my daughters our weekly Kindermusik session is a real highlight. I don”t know how we manage to fit so much into 45 minutes with ideas, songs, rhymes and instruments that I can use and develop throughout the rest of the week. My parents were both teachers and always stressed to me the importance of music in a child”s development. Kindermusik, especially under the caring wing of Ali, is brilliant.”

Pearl and Edie’s Mum (Our Time/Village)


Preschoolers at Kindermusik with Ali, music class for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Haslemere, Surrey

“Kindermusik provides a structured yet fun approach to the development of the whole child through musical and other activities with the flexibility to adapt with them as they get older. Ali is wonderful with the children, knows them all by name, building up a positive relationship with each one from babies to pre-schoolers. My son looks forward to Kindermusik and misses it, and Ali, in the holidays!”
Sebastian’s Mum (Imagine That)

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