How old does my child have to be for Kindermusik classes?

Your child can start coming to Kindermusik at any age, whenever you feel ready. All the classes are age appropriate with specific programmes for each age group. Young babies are welcome to come along to any of the toddler classes free of charge.

Level 1 – “Foundations” or “Sing and Play” Classes –  Baby Classes 0-13m or 5-18m

Level 2 – “Wiggle and Grow” Classes – Toddler Classes 18m to 3 years

Level 3 – “Laugh and Learn” Classes – Preschool Classes 3 to 5 years

Where are the Kindermusik classes held?

All classes are held at the Haslemere Methodist Church.

How long does a Kindermusik class last?

Kindermusik classes are 45 mins long, including Gathering Time and the Goodbye Song. Please try to arrive about 5 mintues before class to allow your child time to settle in and get ready for class.

What happens in a Kindermusik class?

Each class is specifically tailored for each age group but all start with a “Hello” song and end with a “Goodbye” song. During each class there will be carefully planned mix of activities that include singing, instrument play, movement and dancing, sensory activities (such as bubbles, parachute, scarves, puppets and balls) and listening or cuddle time. Kindermusik is a movement and music programme and movement is a key part of the learning process for young children.

How is Kindermusik different to other music classes?

Kindermusik is a specially designed curriculum that is proven to improve your child’s development in all areas:- physical, emotional, social, musical and cognitive. It has been around for more than 30 years during which time the curriculum has been continually improved and developed based on new research into child development.  To read more about all the wonderful benefits of Kindermusik, please visit www.kindermusik.com.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

Yes, Kindermusik is a good programme for children with special needs, although I would suggest that if you have questions about your child’s specific needs, please contact me  on 07867 558807.

Do I attend the classes with my child?

Yes a parent or care-giver attends all classes for babies and toddlers. Kindermusik classes are designed to encourage interaction and strengthen the bond between the child and the care giver. For some preschool classes for 3-4 years, the children can attend for 30 minutes on their own and then parents and siblings join the class for an activity at the end. Parents are still encouraged to be involved in the preschool class and receive updates on what we are doing each half term.

Can a child minder or nanny bring my child to Kindermusik?

Yes there is no problem for your child to come to Kindermusik accompanied by an adult who is not the parent. Grandparents, child minders and other family members are all welcome. I would suggest that a majority of the time the child attends with the same person so they become familiar with the routine. Other family members are also welcome to come and watch the class at any time as well.

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

No you don’t need to bring anything with you. Normally we take our shoes off to allow children to have a more comfortable experience. Please leave and food, drinks or toys safely hidden away as they can be distracting for your child and others. There is room at the side of the hall to put any belongings, and a spare room next door for larger buggies.

What if my child does not participate in the class?

Do not worry if your child does not want to participate in the class initially, this is very common and should not be a cause for concern. Often children in class are watching and learning even if they are not performing the actions or singing along. Sometimes they may repeat the activities when they get home, where they feel most confident.

If your child becomes distracted and tends to wander during the activities then try and bring their interest back to the group by continuing to participate yourself and encourage them to join in.

If you have any concerns then please just speak to me and we can work together to ensure that your child is happy and getting the most from the activities.

Why does Kindermusik provide Home Resources?

At the core of the Kindermusik philosophy is the idea that the home is the most important learning environment and the parent is the child’s best teacher. The online @Home Resources give parents the tools to extend the learning into the home. Using the @Home Resources is the most effective way to get the full Kindermusik experience and ensure your child is truly benefitting from early exposure to music and movement. The  instruments are high quality and the CDs or downloads have a wonderful range of music, plus the online @Home Resources offer lots of ideas for play at home as well as tips for parents.

Kindermusik also have an App which is available free from the App Store.

Can I have a taster class before I enrol?

I offer a free trial class for anyone interested in joining Kindermusik. All our classes are friendly and welcoming so please do contact me if you would like to come and try it.


Ali reading a book in preschool class Ali with her preschool class

“A lovely relaxed, friendly, welcoming environment, full of fun and engaging activities and music.”