Foundations Cuddle & Bounce

Cuddle & Bounce Classes are for younger babies from a few weeks to approximately 12 months.



The Foundations Cuddle & Bounce class is the perfect way to introduce your baby to music with plenty of sensory activities, baby-safe instruments, and gentle songs. Whether your baby is five weeks or five months, this class will be perfect for you!

With age-appropriate activities for babies, this music and movement class will help you strengthen those early parent-child bonds, understand your baby’s development, and focus on early communication and bonding with your baby.

You and your baby will enjoy songs, bounces, instrument play, dancing, exploration time, and together time, and you’ll get expert advice and parenting tips based on the most recent research in baby development.

If your baby is walking unaided, you might prefer our Level 1 “Sing and Play” class. Please contact Ali for more information on this class.


“The class is so relaxed. If your baby needs to sleep, feed, have a cuddle or just keep hold of the last rattle/puppet/shaker, that’s just fine. “

We will start a new programme each half term. Enjoy favourite traditional nursery rhymes, brand new original rhymes and lots of original songs for shaking and tapping along to. Dance, explore and play with delightful baby-safe instruments and props. Classes include puppets, scarves, lap bounces, instruments, bubbles, parachute songs and lots more! All our classes are friendly and welcoming.

Themes this term:-  “Old Macdonald” and  “Nighty Night”.

UNIT 1 – “Old Macdonald” – Time to tune up baby’s listening ears as we are off to the farm to hear some animal sounds. This theme is packed with animal songs an activities which help with listening skills, memory and cognitive developement.

UNIT 2 -“Nighty Night” – In this theme, our babies will use all their senses to explore night time. We will say hello to Wee Willie Winkie, sing to the stars, and zoom to the moon! Enjoy our special light show whilst rocking to some relaxing music.

Home Materials include:  Access to Digital @Home Resources, 2 CDs and musical instrument to take home.

Cost: £93.50. Including Home Materials.

Term dates:Monday 10th September to Friday 30th November (Half term is one week from Monday 22nd October).

The new programmes are supported by a variety of online activities.  You can now bring the learning home with our helpful Kindermusik@Home website, which gives you anywhere-access to music, stories, developmentally appropriate activities, useful parenting information, and more. You will be given details of how to log on to this when you Register for a class.

Below is a short video showing a class demo for Cuddle and Bounce.