Level 1 – Baby Classes

Kindermusik with Ali baby programmes are for younger babies from approximately 5 months to first steps,  and for older babies from 1-2 years (cruisers/early walkers). You are also welcome to join a baby class if your baby is younger than 5 months, whenever you feel ready, even from a few weeks old.

These classes provide families with a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement, using a lovely mix of child-focused activities.

In the younger baby class, babies are encouraged to explore and experiment within a safe environment, whilst all areas of their development are being stimulated through their senses. We will also learn more about how music helps your baby’s development.

In the 1-2 year baby class, we focus on your child’s early movement and learning, helping build the muscles your little one needs to walk, run and climb, and singing songs with actions, using our fine and gross motor skills.




Unit 1 – “Way Up High”

In “Way Up High” we will be having fun with Butterflies, Birds, Sunshine, Moon and Stars!
We will experience opposites with our voices and our movements. We will learn some fantastic new songs about butterflies and rainbows, and use a variety of instruments and props, whilst moving our bodies to music – swooping and fluttering, going high and low, and fast and slow.

Unit 2 – “Family All Around Me”

In “Family All Around Me” we celebrate family members, friends and other loving caregivers who help look after us. We will explore daily routines, and learn some new songs about washing, looking in the mirror, and even sleeping! We will be shaking high and low, using our hands and our colourful streamers and pom poms. There are lots of opportunities for having fun together, and some fantastic songs and props to enjoy along the way.


I advise to book the first Half Term (5 classes) initially until we know more about the situation re Cornona Virus closures. Start of term may be delayed.

Fees for 1st Half Term (5 weeks) £42.50
Fees for 2nd Half Term (6 weeks) £51.00

Fees include Class CD and musical instrument, plus access to Kindermusik Online @Home Resources.


Term begins on Monday 20th April
Half term is one weeks from Monday 25th May 
Term ends on Friday 10th July

“Simple Gifts” from the Kindermusik album “Cock-a-doodle-MOO!”
“This Little Light of Mine” from the Kindermusik album “Imagine That! Hello Weather: Vol. 2”

For more examples of Kindermusik songs please click here.

“I highly recommend Ali’s Kindermusik classes!! Ali is so enthusiastic, committed and engaging and her classes are really well organised, with lots of variety, and fun, educational learning. All three of my children attend her classes and absolutely love them!”