Level 3 – Preschool Classes

Kindermusik preschool classes are specially designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic and imaginative 3 and 4 year olds.

Each class combines your child’s natural love of music, stories, and imagination, with activities that introduce early musical concepts, and also build independence, social skills, and physical control.

In each unit we follow a Story Theme, and our pretend play activities are integrated with music, songs, movement, and listening games to capture your child’s immense potential to learn and to encourage their creativity.

The children love taking part on their own for the first part of the class, and parents and siblings join in for the final “Family Time” activity.


Level 3 – “Laugh and Learn” Classes


Unit 1 – “Out and About”

Let’s join Froggy on his adventures on his bicycle! We’ll go round the mountain, and meet lots of animal friends. We’ll also go to the beach, wiggle our toes in the sand, and find some seagulls. We will find out that Froggy is very forgetful, and can’t always remember where he left his things!

Unit 2 – “Outside My Window”

In this unit we will be finding out about the changing weather. We’ll do a sunshine dance, chase the rain away, and even play at throwing pretend snowballs. Lots of movement from jumping in puddles, to dancing round the chimney pot, as well as pretend play as we “get dressed” ready for the winter.


Full Term:- £90.00 (11 weeks) discount price
1st Half Term:- £51.00 (6 weeks), 2nd Half Term:- £42.50 (5 weeks)

Home Materials include Class CD and musical instrument, plus access to Kindermusik Online@Home Resources.


Term begins on Monday 9th September. Term ends on Friday 6th December.
Half term is two weeks from Monday 21st October.

“Charlie Over the Ocean” from the Kindermusik album “Busy Days”
For more examples of Kindermusik songs please click here.

“Ali’s classes have it all – they are so welcoming and great for developing and nurturing a child’s love for movement and music!”