Family Time

Kindermusik “Family Time” is designed for children from approximately 5 months to about 3.5 years.

Family time brings children of all ages together for a dynamic and integrated learning experience for everyone. Take favorite Kindermusik songs like “Shake, Shake the Apple Tree” and “hammocking” and roll them into a fun, energetic family class where every child is welcome and a family’s “together time” is celebrated and cherished.

Kindermusik Family Time, Classes for babies and toddlers from 5 months to 4 years. Held in Haslemere, Surrey

Please let me know if you are interested in a Family Time class as new classes are always being added to the timetable.

These classes feature action songs, instrument play, dancing, puppets, lap bounces, bubbles,
exciting props and plenty of family interaction and giggles!

Home Pack includes: Digital @Home Materials, 2 CDs and a musical instrument to take home


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Kindermusik Family Time class for babies and toddlers in HaslemereKindermusik Family Time Class for babies and toddlers in Haslemere, Surrey