At Home Activities

Things are going to be a little different for a while, so in the meantime I thought it might be nice to share with you a few ideas that can help distract, entertain or cheer you up whilst we all work through these uncertain times!

On this page are a list of resources and ideas for at home activities – I hope you enjoy them and please do share any creations/colouring on my Facebook Page – I love to see all the fantastic things the children make.

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Why not download and print these Kindermusik colouring sheets?

Drum Colouring Sheet

Recorder Colouring Sheet

We Love Kindermusik Colouring Sheet

Glock Colouring Sheet

Music Notes Colouring Sheet

Dulcimer Colouring Sheet



Listen and clap along to some of your favourite Kindermusik songs by visiting the “Kindermusik Song Clips page”



Musical Statues

Clear a space (or go outside) pop on some of your favourite music, let it play while you all dance around and then press pause (make sure you are all dancing until the music stops) then FREEZE!!

Using a vareity of music with different tempos, upbeat then smooth and slow songs, will give different challenges and also encourage your children to FREEZE in funny shapes and see how long they can hold it before giggling!

Pass the Musical Instrument

You really could use anything for this game, but a shaker, drum or other small musical instrument would be fun! Sit in a circle, put on some music and try to pass the object you have chosen in time with the beat – perhaps you could nominate someone to call out “Change” and then change direction of passing, or call “Play” and then whoever has the instrument has to shake, tap or play in time to the beat!

Another variation for slightly older children would be to pass a ball by throwing/rolling perhaps?

Do the Conga

Put on some music, get in a line and conga round the room or round the garden – whoever is the leader gets to show the rest of the conga line the moves and direction. At the end of the song have the leader join the back of the line and let the next person have a go!

Do Some Drumming

Gather together pots and pans from the kitchen along with wooden spoons and drum along to the beat – empty tupperware containers would make a fantastic sound as well!

If you are feeling creative you could make your own homemade drums – collect empty ice cream tubs, margarine tubs, even empty yoghurt pots. Wash throughly then glue the lids on where possible. cut a piece of paper to fit round the outside of the tub,decorate however you want with pens/pipe cleaners, sequins or whatever else you have to hand. Glue to the outside of the tub and away you go!!

Hot Potato

Similar to “Pass the Musical Instrument” – sit in a circle and play some music while you pass round an object. When the music stops you could ask whoever is holding the “hot potato” to choose a song for you all to sing or ask them a question such as their favourite instrument, book, song, animal?

Musical Drawing

Give your child paper and something to draw with and choose some music to put on – this could be any type, classical, upbeat, slow. Invite your child to listen to the music and draw what they hear! Look and talk about the difference (if there is one) between the pictures that are created from different types of music. Feel free to share any art work on my Facebook page 🙂