About Ali

My name is Ali and I am a former primary school teacher, mum of two, and all round music enthusiast.

I grew up in a musical family and we always had music playing  in our house, from jazz to folk and classical. I played the violin, and my family often played instruments together, gathered round the piano.

After studying English Literature and drama at university, I qualified as a primary school teacher.  I loved working with the children and seeing their personalities and skills develop. They amazed me with their boundless enthusiasm and creativity!

When my own children were very little, I discovered a local music class and noticed how much they tuned in to the experience and how much it helped their development socially, physically and emotionally, whilst they were having so much fun!

I decided to train as a Kindermusik teacher in 2005, and started my own classes in 2006.

I looked into many different Music and Movement programmes, but Kindermusik really stood out as having a strong educational basis.

Kindermusik offers little ones such an amazing variety of experience, with music from all over the globe. It is a really exciting programme, which also delivers great benefits in all areas. I am thrilled to have been awarded 4 Maestro Teacher awards from Kindermusik for teaching excellence.

I hope you will join me and share some Kindermusik adventures!




“Ali is always so patient and understanding. She really has created something so much more than just another singing class. My daughter’s confidence has blossomed.”

— Parent from Toddler Class