Wiggle and Grow

Kindermusik “Wiggle and Grow” classes are  designed for children from approximately 18 months (confident walkers)  to 3 years. Children and parents meet weekly for a 45-minute class and enjoy singing, moving, listening, interacting socially, and playing simple percussion instruments. Exploration Time encourages a child’s discovery of specially designed instruments, textures, sounds and movements; Language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation and vocal play; Story Time and Listening Time encourage emergent literacy skills and listening skills; and Creative Movement affirms a child’s urge to use their body in many different ways.

Children in this age group are learning to become more independent, while still needing the love and support of their parents. Engaging in activities in this happy, creative environment really helps their learning potential.

Programmes for Autumn Term 2018 –  “Go, Go, Go!” and “How Do You Feel?”

Unit 1 – “Go, Go, Go!” – Sing, dance, move, and play in the first half of term as we explore all kinds of movement with this Transport theme. It’s time to jump in the car, row the boat, and ride your horse, as we have lots of fun as the tempo changes. Enjoy lots of stop and go, as well as some very bumpy bounces and energetic songs.

Unit 2 – “How Do you Feel?” – We will be exploring and identifying different feelings and learn how to express and manage emotions through different types of music. We will sing some happy songs, make some funny faces, and share lots of laughter too!

Each weekly session will include original songs, lap bounces, instrument exploration, listening activities, movement activities and props to help enhance your child’s musical development.

Cost:  Full term £93.50 –   Including access to Digital Home Materials plus a CD and shaker to take home.

Autumn Term 2018 Dates
Term begins on Monday 1oth September.
Half term is one week from Monday 22nd October.
Term ends on Friday 30th November.


Fun with sand blocks at Kindermusik with Ali, music classes for toddlers in HaslemereFun with sand blocks at Kindermusik with Ali, music classes for toddlers in Haslemere -

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